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Winds, downpours hit Taiwan under peripheral influence of Typhoon Mangkhut

Photomake your own rubber bracelet taken on Sept 15, 2018 shows Sizihwan in Taiwan, China. [Photo/VCG]

TAIPEI - Typhoon Mangkhut did not make landfall in Taiwan but the storm's periphery has continued to bring strong winds and downpours to the island.

Mangkhut passed closest to Taiwan on Saturday and was moving further northwest. Its periphery, however, has continued to affect the island, prompting meteorological authorities to issue warnings for heavy and torrential rain in nine counties and cities, as well as warnings on strong winds in 18 counties and cities Sunday.

Some coastal areas and nearby waters are likely to be hit by gusts of up to level 11 on the Beaufort wind scale (104 to 117 kph). Gusts at a speed of up to 75 kph could also be expected in areas of Taipei, according to meteorological authorities.

By Sunday morning, rainfall in Pingtung County had exceeded 1,000 mm in 24 hours. Mountainous areas of Pingtung and Hualien counties will continue to be pounded by sporadic torrential rains on Sunday.

Saturday's rain and wind caused power outages for over 10,000 househ[MG_SEO]olds in Pingtung, with power restored early Sunday.

Taiwan-based carrier EVA Air has canceled all Sunday flights to Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
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